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Dan Lier is a premier sales, leadership, and peak performance keynote speaker and best-selling author specializing in delivering extraordinary customized talks that will impact and entertain your next meeting or conference.

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Sales Training for the small business

Hire Dan as your assistant sales manager to assist your sales team master the skills necessary to win. Also, you can upload your unique content to our world class virtual training university creating our own professional and personal development training center. Month to month agreement along with private label opportunities.

Dan Lier's sales university

In Dan’s Sales University you will Master the art of sales, influence, persuasion, peak performance and leadership. This master class will allow you to dominate any market, and quit competing within it.  

The one pERCENT academy

Dan’s 1% Academy is for professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to growth.  You’ll have access to Dan’s entire training center along with weekly live webinars.  Month to month, No Contracts


Dan’s inner circle is designed to teach you the steps necessary to build a professional speaking business. Dan went from $3,000 per keynote to $15,000 per keynote and he’ll teach you HOW he did it.  How to OWN your own market, HOW to create content, Partner with Speakers Bureaus.  Learn from a PRO.

Premium Consulting package

Set yourself up for success with a consulting package with Dan Lier.  Consulting package consists of three Zoom calls to be used when you please.

virtual Interactive Training

  • Virtual Interactive Training for ispiring entrepeneurs and business owners based around Internet Marketing, SEO, PPC, Sales Funnels, Facebook Ads, Closing the deal, follow up, Objections, Rebuttles, Mindset, And Physiology.

Live Coaching With Dan

  • Live Coaching Calls Provided By World Class Entrepenuers Who Have all Generated Over 7 Figures In Net Profit Within Their Businesses (All Verfied)



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dan Lier

Dan Lier is known as a legend. After building Tony Robbins’ entire sales force, he decided to go out and pursue his own speaking career in the early 2000’s. He has built a 7 figure income as a corporate keynote speaker.  He has trained, mentored and coached celebrities, billionaires, and massive companies such as Verizon, BMW, Sprint and many more. 


Renato Vanzella

Renato is known as the link between strategy, tactics, and optimized processes. With a passion to improve ideas and turning complex task into simple optimized processes with cutting edge technology Renato is a brilliant Chief Technology Officer. 


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