Present BETTER than Steve Jobs…Secrets to a Perfect Presentation

(Paperback 81, pgs)

Present BETTER than Steve Jobs is a straight-forward guide to increasing your public speaking and presentation skills. Dan Lier, one of the most sought after speakers in the genre of success and achievement, shares his secrets to a perfect presentation.

Present BETTER than Steve Jobs

Present BETTER than Steve Jobs

Lack of public speaking or presentation skills can hold back career advancement and achievement in any field, and this book will give you the foundation to build your skill-set and build your confidence.

Dan’s “secrets to a perfect presentation” was built on his experience as a paid corporate speaker performing over 3,500 customized corporate talks in over 30 countries. He will share with you:

  • What you must know before giving your talk
  • The psychology of a top speaker
  • How to connect with your audience
  • How to structure your talk
  • 3 keys to an effective message
  • How to close your talk and inspire your audience
  • The five steps to a perfect presentation

Present BETTER than Steve Jobs is based on the premise of those of us who are not celebrities or public figures must know how to structure and deliver a message that is both interesting and impactful. Celebrities, athletes and TV personalities don’t have to be good speakers –  people just want to hear them speak. If you are not a celebrity, athlete or TV personality, you must know how to connect with your audience and deliver a solid message EVERYTIME!

Dan Lier is an expert in human behavior and his proven skills will assist you deliver a quality message that your audience will connect with and retain. Being a solid public speaker or presenter is a learned skill, and this book will teach you how to improve your skills and be a great public speaker and communicator. Whether you are an executive or a parent, the skills in this book can be used for presentations, selling and communicating with a large or small audience.

Present BETTER than Steve Jobs

The 10 Minute Coach – Book  

(Hard Cover, 154 pgs)

The 10 Minute Coach book – Dan Lier

International speaker, success coach, TV show host Dan Lier provides you with twenty-seven proven strategies to improve your life. These strategies are practiced by successful people in business and in life. Lier will assist you in building momentum and getting you closer to your goal.

Learn How to:

  • Create Winning Attitude
  • Overcome Adversity
  • Take Consistent Action
  • Change Failure to Success
  • Boost Your Career
  • Use Communication for Relationship Success
  • Raise Kids with High Self-Esteem

Over the past decade, Dan Lier has affected hundreds of thousands of people at his speaking events and has inspired his coaching clients. In this book, he shares powerful strategies that will influence your life, your career, your relationships, and your family. Lier’s proven advice is broken into bite-sized chunks–perfect for a parent or a professional on the go.

10 Min Coach Book


5-Steps to Creating Results 

(CD or MP3 Download)

5-Steps to Creating Results

Dan’s high impact CD and 24 page Results Workbook designed to assist you make a decision on what you want and HOW to get there!

  1. Make a Decision
  2. Shift Your Beliefs
  3. Create a Game Plan
  4. Consistent Action
  5. Accountability

Audio CD contains 5 Steps for Creating Results program (approximately 50 minutes in length), plus custom designed 22 page Success Workbook for you to CREATE YOUR UNIQUE PLAN for success.

Dan’s 5 Steps to Creating Results program helped me in both my personal and professional life; it was practical, tangible and it was fun! – Tammy Kutcher

Dan helps you take your life’s experiences and turn them into future results with five thought provoking and concise steps to help you achieve everything you want. – Mark Rubin

5 Steps to Creating Results

5 Steps – MP3 Download



The 10 Minute Coach CD Programs:

(CD or MP3 Download)

The revolutionary new product designed for busy people committed to being their best. Each CD contains 6-8 tracks/ strategies from 6-10 minutes in length followed by action steps to help you build momentum and create results.




(CD or MP3 Download)

This CD contains six 10-minute tracks on the following:

  • Take it to the Next Level
  • Building Momentum
  • A Winning Attitude
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Goal Setting & Vision
  • Conquering Failure

10 Min Coach – Principles for Success






(Audio CD or MP3 Download)

This CD contains seven 10-minute tracks on the following:

  • Attitude & Enthusiasm
  • Get Rid of Your Excuses
  • Perseverance
  • Maximizing the Telephone
  • Increasing Performance
  • Preparation
  • Success Mindset


10 Min Coach – Sales Professionals




The 10 Minute Coach – For Parents

(Audio CD)

This CD contains seven tracks on the following:

  • Raising Champions
  • Principles for Winning
  • Success Programming
  • Language
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Belief
  • Discipline

10 Min Coach – for Parents